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  NETWORK DESIGN,  INSTALLATION and SERVICE: Cyber Exchange can design and install Local Area Networks for 2 to 500 users.  We are capable of making the best use of your existing computer hardware.  Our experienced staff can complete any installation or upgrade with the least amount of down time and interruption of your business.

We provide quick and accurate network service including, Server upgrades, software installation, workstation upgrades and virus and spyware removal.

If you are looking for any network components or network software solutions please call us 727 571-3500.  We have access to virtually any computer product made, with most available for overnight delivery.

NETWORK EQUIPMENT SELECTION & PROCUREMENT: At Cyber Exchange we do not build our own network servers.  A high quality business network server is a very specialized device with components and engineered capabilities which cannot be reproduced by any other than the largest and most capable manufacturers. We recommend IBM servers to our business clients.  Don't let the IBM name fool you, their line of high quality servers starts at around $900. Why have a server built by a PC system builder when you can buy a pre built and tested server from IBM? IBM offers legendary service and support. We recommend the IBM server products because of their superior quality, reliability, affordable cost, and their 48 hour On Site service and warranty support.  Please call our Technical Services Coordinator at 727 571-3500 for specifications and pricing.

QUALITY: We purchase networking components and software directly from master distributors. We have access to virtually any networking technology in production today. We carefully research every component of a network to ensure that the finished job will perform to the customers expectations and to the highest efficiency possible.

NEW COMPUTER WORKSTATIONS:  We can build business workstations to meet any need. We build our workstations to be compatible, durable and easily upgradeable. We can install virtually any operating system or business software you choose. If needed we will deliver and install your new workstations and make sure they work in your offices as you expect them to.

Call us today at 727 571-3500