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  INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY: Many of today's industrial products include computer technology embedded in their design. Engineers, designers and planners are challenged with selecting computer products which will comply with their design while offering maximum longevity and durability in often harsh environments. Computer technology changes quickly, and selecting the wrong computer technology for integration into your final design can lead to constant recertification when products are discontinued . Field support of existing industrial products using computer technology can be a challenge when devices fail prematurely and replacements are not currently available. The key to minimal support and design requirements for the integration of computer technology is proper initial selection.

EXPERIENCE: Cyber Exchange has been working with industrial clients for over 9 years to provide proven computer technology which has the longest possible product life and can endure as long as the products into which they are integrated. We have also developed the ability to locate "out of production" components, which no longer appear on the market, in order to satisfy our clients precise needs.

SUPPORT: Most industrial companies cannot afford to have a computer guru on staff to meet the infrequent needs for computer technology integration and problem solving. We offer our services as a working partner who is willing to spend the time to get to know your specific requirements and carefully choose and provide the components or sub assemblies you require. We can also help you to avoid making "Dead End" decisions about computer technology which may be marked for end of life. Our customers are often shocked at how quickly whole new standards are introduced and old standards are completely eliminated.

FLEXABILITY: We can assist you by assembling PC related subassemblies and testing them at our facility prior to delivery. We will work closely with you to develop a custom solution.

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