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  COMPUTER SERVICE: We provide expert technical services at affordable prices. We can repair Windows errors, remove viruses and Spyware, upgrade your system for better performance, or convert your system to newer technology without the need to reload Windows or your applications. We have 20 years of technical experience to get the job done right.

NEW SYSTEMS: At Cyber Exchange we have the experience to custom build a computer to meet your exact needs. We take into consideration your specific applications and budget. We are happy to spend time with you discussing your new computer to ensure that you get what you want and need. We will develop a written quote for the computer you need so that you can make an informed decision.

We build Open Architecture computer systems to your exact needs. Open Architecture means that your system can be upgraded with the minimum of expense using industry standard components which are readily available and affordable. Many first time computer buyers who are uncertain what type of computer to buy, will feel more comfortable selecting a computer system with a recognizable national "Name Brand" on it. This is a decision which is often regretted later when they try to upgrade their system. They find that these "Name Brand" computer makers have specifically designed their systems so that you will have to go back to them for new components, at prices which are much higher than market prices for the same components in the Open Architecture market. Call us to discuss this major decision before you invest in a dead end system. All Cyber Exchange systems include the Full Original copies of the Windows Operating System software, (CD and Disks)

Our selection of "Recycled Computer Systems" is constantly changing so stop by the store and check our current inventory or give us a call. These systems are limited to stock on hand. Selection changes daily. All of the components in these systems have been bench tested twice, once when the individual part is received in trade, and again when the system is assembled. Recycled systems come with a 30 day in-store warranty.        more....